All attentive observers and all defenders of the heritage recognize that the religious buildings, whatever the confession or the religion they are linked to, are witnesses of local history, architecture and culture. A great many of these buildings benefits from protective measures some being classified since the 1920s.

During these last decades, the maintenance and the conservation - according to the highest professional standards - of these buildings reserved for the exercise of worship has required increased financial resources and the help of increasingly high professional competences. This is why the Foundation for the Conservation of the Geneva Temples built before 1907 was finally created in 1994 by the National Reformed Church of Geneva (ENPG).

The purpose of the present Foundation is thus to contribute, through the aforementioned resources and competences, to ensure the maintenance and the assurance of the integrity of all the 34 temples built on the territory of the Canton before 1907; before the law suppressing the State budget for churches adopted by popular vote on June 15th 1907 was enacted, instituting, de facto, in Geneva the principle of the strict separation between Church and State.