The Foundation, being a private law institution according to articles 80 and following of the Swiss Civil Code, its financial resources come primarily from private donations, individual or coming from companies and various associations interested in the general aims of the Foundation or by the implementation of one or another restoration project..

For substantial work concerning protected buildings according to the federal and cantonal legislation, large subsidies are granted by the relevant authorities.

The financing of the Foundation also comes from contributions by the Reformed Church of Geneva (EPG) and, from case to case, the parishes concerned with the restoration and the maintenance of their temples.

It is also necessary to take into account the product of the receipts obtained by organizing temporary or permanent festive demonstrations for fundraising purposes, by the Foundation or the EPG or various associations created for this purpose.

Lastly, the Foundation can use the income of its own assets and the inalienable capital which constitutes its fortune, since its creation in April 1994.

The Foundation, as mentioned above, receives all donations, legacies, subscriptions, gifts and loans that its Council freely accepts. The latter additionally takes any useful step to get financial assistance and support from all those who are interested in the protection of the historical, architectural, and in particular religious, heritage of Geneva.